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Woden's Warriors

Woden's Warriors: Warfare, Beliefs, Arms & Armour in Northern Europe During the 6-7th Centuries by Paul Mortimer

Tamworth – Ancient Capital of Mercia

A short examination of the place of Tamworth and the history of Mercia in the Anglo-Saxon period.

Wayland's Work

Wayland's Work - Anglo-Saxon Art, Myth and Material Culture 4th-7th Century by Stephen Pollington with Lindsay Kerr and Brett Hammond

Anglo-Saxon Burial Mounds

Anglo-Saxon Burial Mounds by Steve Pollington
Wulfheodenas is a living history society which seeks to recreate the military aristocracy, their warrior retinues and the meadhall culture of the 6-7th century Anglo-Saxons and the contemporary Northern European cultures. ‘Wulfheodenas’ is the Old English equivalent of the Old Norse ‘ulfheðnar’ meaning ‘wolf-coats’. Our emblem is derived from the design on a die for making decorative plates, found at Fen Drayton, Cambridgeshire. The die depicts a weapon-bearing wolf-headed warrior and is one of a small corpus of similarly executed figures known from Northern Europe.